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Supply and Distribute Chemicals

Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing

We build our own research center in Shanghai 2008 with two labs which has enabled PI Chemicals to be more efficiently and strategically in research and development marketplace.
- Existing PI chemicals in gram to kgs
- Novel organic intermediates with PI technologies
- Process Scale-up
- Products utilising your procedures under secrecy agreements
- Contract research


Main Facilities

Laboratory 1

Laboratory 2


7 hoods

8 hoods


20L-reaction vessels

20L-reaction vessels

Up to 1000L

10L-Distillation Equipment


10 m -Fractionating Tower

Vacuum Drying Oven


105,000Kcal  -15 °C Refrigerating Machine

Centrifuge (Stainless Steel)







Test Facilities


Main Areas
- fluorochemicals
- Heterocyclic compounds, including Quinolines, boronic acids, benzothiophenes, benzofurans, thiophenes, pyrimidines, etc
- Organosulphur compounds, thiophenols, sulphonyl chlorides, sulphonamides, etc
- High pressure reactions


Main Reaction

- Acylation
- Alkylation
- Bromination
- Chlorination
- Chloromethylation
- Chlorosulphonation
- Condensation
- Cryogenic reactions (-780C)
- Cyclisation
- Dehydration
- Dehydrobromination
- Diazotisation
- Diels-Alder reaction
- Friedel-Crafts reaction
- Grignard reaction
- Hofmann degration
- Lithiation
- Mannich reaction
- Methylation
- Michael addition
- Nitration
- Reductions
- Stecker reaction
- Sulphonation
- Sulphoxidation
- Wolf-Kishner

- Acetoacetylation
- Halogenation
- Amination
- Oxidation
- Sulfonation
- Chlorosulfonation
- Acotylation
- Formylation
- Hydroxylation
- Fractional Distillation


Contract Research & Manufacturing

As reported, Asia-based Contract Research & Manufacturing increased the contract service revenues by 44% over the 2006-2007 period. Low-cost competition from Asia will be a key influence on the industry over the next 5-10 years. Contract Research or manufacturing can enable clients to access our multi-disciplinary science talent and to suit their specific R&D issues and projects. These services will be undertaken confidentiality by our in-house kilolab, pilot scale and facilities in China.


Chemical Supply & Sourcing

With the close business relationships with Chinese manufacturers and academia society, we supply fine chemicals, API, Intermediates and natural extract from conception through laboratory scale synthesis, process development, pilot plant production, and commercial manufacturing to help you avoid expensive and time-consuming traditional drug discovery through chemical synthesis and increase drug profit.
PI Chemicals’ team is extensively trained and is remarkably knowledgeable. Our sales personnel understand cultures and backgrounds of the different countries we supply to. Our purchasing personnel know the best of Chinese Chemistry and can help you source the chemical efficiently.


Product Marketing and Representative

We seek distribution rights from world leader in chemicals and pharmaceutical in China to allow Chinese customer greater access to high-technology.
We are more interested in acting of agent of novel or public products of small or big overseas organizations in China. We investigate the market for you, and promote your products to match with our Chinese partners interested in your products.


Consultancy in Business Development

With the proficiency in China Chemistry Industry, and international trade, we provide the excellent consultancy and serve as a behind-the-scene sales force to the Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical firms, covering activities such as regulatory approval, marketing, sales, distribution, technical support, and performance monitoring.
To help foreign pharmaceutical firms make use of the idle capacities and over-supplied labors in China, like contract manufacturing and R&D research, we serve as a third party to match the foreign and Chinese enterprises on business development, eg, identify and qualify prospective partners, negotiate contracts, provide guidance, and follow up during implementation etc. We also serve Chinese firms on product-export to get the permission from the regulatory agency.

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