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Accounts are generally established for a company or institution rather than for individuals. Each Account will have its subaccount for specific individual in the same company or institution.
When you are ready to place your order for your first time, please contact us and fax to us the following information.

Our customer service representative will then verify this information, as well as validate your intended use of our products. You may be contacted for further clarification; however, we will take quick and suitable action to establish your new account. Subaccount will be active instantly when the shipping and billing information is provided. To further expedite our process, please have a credit card available to pre-pay your first order.
For information regarding the appropriate uses of our products, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.





We accept fax, telephone, email, and mail orders.

Shanghai PI Chemicals Ltd.
5rd Floor, 88 Cailun Road,
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong,
Shanghai 201203, China
Please include the following information when you place an order:





We accept check, money order, credit card and wire transfer.


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