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About us




PI Chemicals Ltd.

PI Chemicals is a supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, building blocks and pharmaceutical intermediates, a service provider of contract R&D research, and a consultant of contract management, license- product and market-entry.

We're dedicated to provide the best international service to help the global drug discovery develop innovative medicines and products to treat patients, ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life.


PI means Professional & Innovative

Profession & Innovation, a significant presence, make us a difference in product, technology, customer service, information processing and every aspect of day-to-day business activities.

Specific work is done by specialist. Good division and cooperation provide professional products and services during trading with our clients.

Our business processes are oriented towards adding long-term value and competitiveness and being kept in a high scientific and technical level forever no matter what changed in the market. Innovation makes the progress.


PI Chemicals Products

PI Chemicals provides fine chemicals, building blocks and pharmaceutical intermediates.

With over 20,000 standard catalog products with detailed information on chemical description, properties, safety, MSDS etc., we own the most professional and complete product database free public in China. PI Chem People will never stop the work to make it perfect. We insist in providing more than the product itself.

New products will be public every month. If you register and fill in your area of interest, an email with your interested updating will be sent to you free.


PI Chemicals Specialty and Bulk

PI Chemicals People are from the Chinese top-rank universities, and have established close and long-term cooperative relations with top-rank universities and research institutes in China. As an authorized representative of many Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, we build a strong supplier network with an advanced information exchanging platform and combine world-class services to offer flexible customer synthesis and bulk chemicals in a timely, high purity and cost-effective manner with the assurance of quality and confidentiality.


PI Chemicals Service

PI Chemicals People are specialists in chemicals, economics, marketing, business administration and information processing. We own an advanced information exchanging platform based on the close business relationships with Chinese manufacturers and academia society to supply and distribute chemicals, and have research facilities in Wuhan, China to carry out novel building blocks development and contract R&D research. With the proficiency in China Chemistry Industry, and international trade, we provide the excellent consultancy and serve as a behind-the-scene sales force to the Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical firms.

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